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What is WTGA?

The West Tennessee Golf Association was born in the 1980's as a way for West Tennessee Country Clubs to coordinate their tournament schedule and support the efforts of the group.  The WTGA was a quick success and quickly created the "Best of the West" annual golf tournament which allowed clubs to send their best players to compete for the coveted traveling trophy and bragging rights for the next year. ​

During this time, invitational tournaments reigned supreme and West Tennessee had some of the best amateur golf tournaments around. Traditionally the tournaments would host a Saturday night dinner and frequently serve fried chicken.  Fried chicken became such a popular choice for the events, that the tournament circuit quickly dubbed the nickname "The Fried Chicken Tour." ​


Just as Colonel Sanders has his Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Fried Chicken Tour had their very own Colonel too. Tennessee Golf Association Hall of Fame inductee, Danny Green was the player to beat on the Fried Chicken Tour and so he quickly became affectionately known as "The Colonel."


Thirty years later, the WTGA is still going strong and the "Best of the West" is still played annually. The fried chicken may be gone, but the tradition lives on, as the WTGA still puts out a great tournament schedule each year.  This site is dedicated to help inform, educate, and to promote our tournament options as we bring the WTGA into the modern golf era.


We hope to see you out playing this summer and thank you for supporting the WTGA.

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